a medley;
a mixture of different things

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a mix of

Art | Adventure | Cuisine | Community

in the

Black Hills

Art Alley

The brick walls that line the alley are not much different than those you see in almost any city. The barren backs of buildings, the sides that are truly honest, but not for showing to the world. They are at once teeming with a suggested darkness and also bearing in...

River & Woods

Every so often you get the chance to do something ordinary that becomes something more. Something extraordinary. The weekend just past was one such occasion. The something extraordinary was the first ever trip with my younger sister. Just she...

Hobbit Hiking

I hiked like a hobbit on Sunday. Barefoot. There wasn't really any one reason why... I'd heard many times about the benefits of direct contact with the earth, it was hot, my socks were itching me... it happened about 200 feet in or so, I guess. I stopped...

Victoria Canyon Adventure

I don't know how a person that has lived in this area as long as I have doesn't know about a place as beautiful as the one I visited in early fall this year. Although the consolation that many of my friends who have lived and played here longer than I didn't know...

Don’t Decide…Indulge

The corner of 6th and Main Street in Rapid City has been a fixture of the community since its inception in the 1930’s as The Bright Spot Cafe. The name was eventually changed to Tally’s, reflecting the casual way to which diners referred to one of their favorite...

Hike Black Elk Peak

The Black Hills of South Dakota are an oasis, an island of forested mountains in a sea of grassland and plains. Outcroppings of granite are sprinkled through forests so dense they render the hills almost black, giving the place its name. The term hills, though, is...

The Delicious Art of Life in the Black Hills

The Black Hills of South Dakota are renown for many things; breathtaking landscapes that play host to a myriad of adventures, that delightful small town vibe juxtaposed with the accessibility of a vibrant little city, and art. If people around the world know nothing...

Festival of Decadence

I have a confession to make. I love chocolate. Like, I REALLY LOVE chocolate. So much so, that for the past 6 years, I’ve hosted a festival devoted entirely (almost entirely, anyway) to the decadence that is chocolate. Chocopalooza was inspired by disappointment,...

32nd Annual Oglala Lakota Nation Powwow

On a drizzly, grey Saturday morning the road into the Powwow grounds in Pine Ridge was lined with cars, people crowded to the edges watching the kickoff parade for day two of the 32nd annual Pine Ridge Powwow. Colorful star quilts adorned vehicles and shoulders alike,...

Ryan Kickland

The Kickland’s just bought their first home here in Rapid City. It’s modest and unassuming at first glance but just inside the front door, a quick look around whispers of their past and their passions. In every corner an unexpected sculpture or art piece catches the...

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We are excited to announce our partnership with the longest-running magazine in the area – Black Hills FACES Magazine!

Buy an ad in the Summer Issue of Mélange, and your ad will be in the Summer Issue of FACES too!


The Black Hills are quite literally a Mélange of opportunities to soak up the gifts of life; a diverse mix of wonderful ways to spend your time really living. And we’re intent on bringing it to you…READ MORE

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Our quarterly magazine combines award-winning writing and photography with beautiful design to deliver quality content covering all things Black Hills; art, adventure, cuisine, and entertainment.


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We are excited to announce our partnership with Black Hills FACES Magazine™ - the longest-running local publication in the area!

Buy an ad in the Summer Issue of Mélange and your ad will be in the Summer Issue of FACES too!

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